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The Pleasure is Yours

A woman's journey to a fulfilling intimate life

This course teaches women how to prioritise joy, pleasure and intimacy in a God-conscious way and provides solutions to any 'obstacles' on this path to pleasure. You will learn:

  • why pleasure is a priority for your health and wellness
  • how to understand your sexuality and desires
  • how pleasure can help you to achieve your goals, in alignment with your divine purpose
  • how to enjoy non-sexual pleasure and manage sexual desire without a partner
  • how to enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasm within your marriage

This course is for all women, regardless of marital status, who want to live a more joyful, pleasurable life!

Video lessons included in the course:

Module 1: Pleasure is a priority

  • Intentions and prayer (8min)
  • Definitions and terminology (13min)
  • God-conscious pleasure (9min)
  • Why is pleasure a priority? (22min)
  • Holistic anatomy of pleasure (5min)
  • Types of desire (8min)
  • A menu of pleasure for every woman - so much variety! (7min)
  • Pleasure & intimacy are for every BODY (8min)

Module 2: Path to pleasure

  • Beliefs/thought patterns (15min)
  • Body Image, self-image, confidence & self-esteem (32min)
  • Stress, time & busy lifestyle (32min)
  • Managing sexual desire without a partner (26min)
  • I generally feel "low" desire / responsive desire (25min)
  • My partner's desire is too high or low for me (19min)
  • Knowledge about your body (13min)
  • Embodiment (24min)
  • Menstrual cycle (11min)
  • Needing to perform ghusl after sex (17min)
  • Privacy issues (11min)
  • Physical, mental and emotional health (15min)
  • Relationship & spiritual issues (9min)
  • Pregnancy, postpartum & breastfeeding (15min)
  • Parenthood (10min)

Module 3: Sexual pleasure

  • What's the purpose of sex within marriage? (22min)
  • How to prepare for first-time sex (65min)
  • How to prioritise intimacy and enjoy sexual pleasure in marriage (11min)
  • Types of sex without penetration (8min)
  • How to orgasm during any type of sex (36min)
  • How to orgasm during penetrative sex (38min)
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