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Amirah Zaky Wellness specialises in empowering women with knowledge about their female sexual anatomy so that they can enjoy pain-free penetrative sex and vaginal insertion.

We help women to overcome and prevent vaginismus and overcome a fear of sex.

Free 90-minute training: Fearless Painless First-Time Sex

I'm Amirah!

I'm a sex educator and the founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness. I'm passionate about helping women to overcome vaginismus and prevent painful sex. This is achieved by my team of vaginismus coaches and through my online course Confident Marital Sex.

I personally experienced the condition vaginismus myself at the start of my marriage. I taught myself to overcome this condition and I was finally able to experience pain-free penetrative sex. I currently live in London in the UK. I am married and have two kids.


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