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Intimacy for kids

God-conscious sex education for the next generation


This course equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to teach sex education to their kids, in a God-conscious way. In addition to this, video lessons are provided for your kids to watch, covering a wide variety of sex education topics that they need to know about.

The Intimacy for kids course includes video lessons aimed at parents and video lessons aimed at kids, according to the following age groups:

‚Äʬ†Ages 0 to 6

‚Äʬ†Ages 7 to 13

‚Äʬ†Ages 14 to 20

You get access to all video lessons: for parents and ALL age groups listed above.

Video lessons included in the course:

Section 1: For the parents

  • Important welcome video¬†(17min)
  • Why teach sex education to your kids?¬†(27min)
  • What age to start teaching sex education?¬†(12min)

  • How to be comfortable talking about sex with your kids¬†(9min)

  • What information do my kids need to know about sex and their bodies?¬†(6min)

  • How to answer your child's questions¬†(11min)

  • The parent-child bond and love languages¬†(15min)

  • Intimacy and pleasure for kids¬†(7min)

  • Your child's safety¬†(8min)

  • Modelling a healthy relationship¬†(3min)

Section 2: For the kids

Ages 0 to 6:

  • Parts of the body¬†(9min)
  • Feelings and emotions¬†(15min)
  • Your body is amazing¬†(15min)
  • Where do babies come from?¬†(9min)
  • Media Literacy¬†(8min)
  • Safe and unsafe touch¬†(7min)
  • How does love feel to you?¬†(5min)

Ages 7 to 13:

  • Changes: What is puberty?¬†(18min)
  • Male and female sexual/reproductive anatomy¬†(20min)
  • Hormones, emotions and feelings¬†(8min)
  • Your body, body image and self-esteem¬†(7min)
  • Periods, menstruation & period products¬†(32min)
  • Sex and babies¬†(16min)
  • Privacy & Safety¬†(18min)
  • Your health¬†(11min)
  • Social media, online life and porn¬†(12min)
  • Friendships and relationships¬†(7min)

Ages 14 to 20:

  • What you need to know about sex¬†(24min)
  • Why wait? How to wait? And the fear of missing out¬†(18min)

  • Consent & Safety¬†(6min)
  • Intimacy, connection and pleasure¬†(10min)

  • First-time sex¬†(25min)
  • Conception, fertility & pregnancy¬†(8min)
  • Contraception & sexually transmitted infections¬†(8min)
  • Love, marriage and choosing a spouse¬†(6min)

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Intimacy for kids

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