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Intimacy for Men

A guide to help God-conscious men have a more satisfying sexual experience

Intimacy for Men is a course dedicated to helping men overcome sexual struggles in a God-conscious way.

With this course, you also get access to a private support forum just for men, which is a place to ask your questions and get advice, as you work your way through the course.

This course is available to all men, regardless of faith or marital status.

Joining Intimacy for Men will help you to:

• manage sexual desire when you're not married

• maintain your chastity (whether you're married or not)

• prepare for first-time sex
• communicate your sexual needs to your current or future wife

• enjoy more intimacy and pleasure in your life

• learn how to sexually please and satisfy your wife

• understand women's sexual needs

• overcome sexual struggles such as premature ejaculation or porn addiction

• enjoy better sex and have a more satisfying sexual experience with your wife

Video lessons included in the course:

Module 1: Foundations for sex

  • Your mindset on educating yourself about sex & sexuality
  • How to talk to a potential spouse about sex
  • How to deal with sexual desire when you're not married

  • Daily intimacy and pleasure

  • Managing insecurities about your body and penis

  • The female sexual anatomy

  • Consent and marital rape

  • Foundations for a healthy & loving relationship with your wife

  • Different types of sex

  • Requirements for great sex

Module 2: The first time

  • How to prepare for your first time
  • Virginity, the hymen and the wedding night
  • How to help your wife feel comfortable during her first time
  • How to manage performance anxiety
  • What is vaginismus?
  • How to support your wife if she has vaginismus
  • How to support yourself if your wife has vaginismus 

Module 3: Your wants, needs and struggles

  • Better sex for you: communicating your needs to your wife
  • How to deal with different levels of sexual desire between husband and wife
  • How to last longer: overcome premature ejaculation
  • How to overcome erectile dysfunction
  • The impact of porn
  • How to overcome a porn addiction

Module 4: Your wife's wants, needs and struggles

  • How to provide sexual pleasure to your wife
  • How to help your wife open up sexually

  • Understanding the changes that women go through
  • What women want and need

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Intimacy for Men

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