What to boycott and what to buy instead

The image below shows the main companies & brands to boycott. This is where the main focus should be.

Please focus your efforts on boycotting the brands shared in the image below.
On this page, you will find different categories. Within each category you will find safe alternatives.


In addition to the brands shown in the image below, there are many other brands that should be boycotted - these brands are shared via a clickable link within each category - please avoid these brands too, as much as you possibly can. 

Image source: bdsmovement.net

In addition to the brands above, please boycott:

Marks & Spencer (M&S)
Coca Cola
(and all the drinks they own)
Pepsi (and all the drinks they own)



Please click on the buttons below for the websites that provide more information about the BDS movement and which brands to boycott. I give credit to all of these websites for helping me to create the lists and categories that you find on this webpage.

The BDS movement link provides you with more information about the importance of boycotting and provides regular news and updates about the movement.

The boycott.thewitness link below allows you to search for the names of brands and it tells you why they should be boycotted.

The bdnaash link allows you to search for brands.

BDS movement

What to buy