In this masterclass, you will learn:

✅ How to prepare for first-time sex so that there's no pain!
✅ How to feel confident for first-time sex
✅ How to manage and overcome body insecurities
✅ How to have pain-free penetrative sex for the first time
✅ Why you don't need to have sex on your "wedding night"
✅ When to have sex for the first time after you get married
✅ Different types of sex that don't involve penetration
✅ What vaginismus is and how to prevent it or overcome it
✅ Why it's important to talk about sex with your potential spouse before you get married
✅ How to feel confident before, during and after sex
✅ How to enjoy your new sexual journey after you get married
✅ Why women should prioritise their own sexual pleasure within their marriage

PS. This masterclass is aimed at non-married women, but any woman is welcome to join.

Date: Wednesday, 17th May 2023
Time: 12:00PM - 1:30PM UK time (BST)

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Get started on your journey to becoming confident for first-time sex with your future husband!

✅ Are you nervous or anxious about having sex for the first time?
✅ Do you feel unsure about how to prepare for first-time sex to avoid pain?
✅ Do you struggle with body insecurities that you think might affect your confidence during sex?
✅ Have you ever experienced pain during vaginal insertion (or penetrative sex) and want to know how to avoid it in the future?
✅ Do you feel pressured to have sex on your wedding night or after getting married, and want to learn about other options?
✅ Have you heard of vaginismus before, and want to know how to prevent it?
✅ Do you think it's important to talk about sex with your potential spouse before getting married but don't know how to bring it up or questions to ask?
✅ Would you like to feel more confident and enjoy sex more in your marriage?

Then you've come to the right place, in my masterclass I will go though all these and much more so register and save your space NOW!


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About your host

Amirah is a Sex Educator and founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness.

Her company specialises in empowering women with knowledge about their female sexual anatomy so that they can enjoy pain-free penetrative sex and vaginal insertion.

Amirah is passionate about helping women to overcome vaginismus and prevent painful sex.

In addition to this, Amirah helps women experience more pleasure and intimacy in their lives (sexual and non-sexual) and helps parents teach God-conscious sex education to their kids.

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