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Confident Marital Sex

A woman's guide to sexual intercourse without fear or pain.

This is the complete step-by-step system to help you overcome a fear of sex and experience pain-free sexual intercourse, whether it's your first time or not!

This course teaches you how to overcome and prevent vaginismus - a condition which causes painful vaginal insertion.

By following the steps in this program, you will learn how to experience comfortable, pain-free sex with your current or future husband - without fear and without pain.

Confident Marital Sex is an online course comprising of video lessons and resources. This course is for:

  • women who are married and want to overcome vaginismus so that they can enjoy sexual intercourse with their husbands OR:
  • women who are not yet married but want to prepare themselves to confidently have pain-free sex with their future husband

Video lessons included in the course

Phase One: Understand and Release Your Fear
  • Vaginismus and the fear of sex (5min)
  • You are not alone (7min)
  • What's causing YOUR fear? (9min)
  • Mental preparation for sex (10min)
  • Sex and the marital relationship (7min)
  • Step into the identity of The Fearless Empowered Woman (9min)
Phase Two: Prepare for Confident Sex
  • Intention and Prayer (7min)
  • Tools for Success (12min)
  • Self-Discovery of The Female Anatomy (11min)
  • What if? (10min)
  • Training Your Pelvic Floor Muscles (21min)
  • All about the hymen (18min)
  • Success Mindset when it comes to using dilators (19min)
  • Breathing & Relaxation (7min)
  • Setup when using dilators for the first time (1min) 
  • First Insertion (16min)
  • Gradual Dilator Insertions  (22min)
  • If you're struggling with dilators (11min)
Phase Three: Transition to Intercourse 
  • What first-time sex feels like (18min)
  • Transition from insertion to intercourse (12min)
  • Prayer before intercourse (2min)
  • Best time of your cycle to have sex (3min)
  • First (partial) insertion of the penis (10min)
  • Full insertion of the penis (12min)
  • Sex for the second, third, fourth and fifth time (2min)
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Bonuses included:

#1: Beyond Intercourse

  • Achieving orgasm
  • Improve your body image and self-esteem
  • Increase desire & pleasure
  • Using an alter ego for a healthy sex life

#2: The Wedding Night

  • How to prepare to lose your virginity
  • How to prepare for your wedding night
  • When to actually have sex after you get married
  • What to expect

#3: How to prepare for sex without dilators

  • What to do if you can't get dilators in your country
  • How to overcome vaginismus or prepare for sex if you really don't want to use dilators

#4: Visualisation Meditation for Insertion

A powerful guided meditation led by Amirah Zaky to help you to get into the right state for insertion

#5: Visualisation Meditation for Intercourse

A powerful guided meditation led by Amirah Zaky to help you to get into the right state for sexual intercourse with your husband

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