At Amirah Zaky Wellness, we believe that everyone is entitled to a God-conscious, sex-positive education. We specialise in empowering women with knowledge about their sexual anatomy so that they can enjoy pain-free penetrative sex and vaginal insertion. We are experts at helping women to overcome and prevent vaginismus and overcome a fear of sex. We also help women experience greater sexual pleasure and we are educating kids with a proper sex education.


Who is Amirah Zaky?

Amirah is a Sex Educator and founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness. Her company specialises in empowering women with knowledge about their female sexual anatomy so that they can enjoy pain-free penetrative sex and vaginal insertion. Amirah is passionate about helping women to overcome vaginismus and prevent painful sex. This is achieved by Amirah's team of vaginismus coaches and through her online course Confident Marital Sex.



Achieve fearless, painless penetrative sex and/or vaginal insertion


“Really wanted to thank you for bringing awareness to this and supporting women like this all over the world, we would feel all alone otherwise.” 

- Review from a past client

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Online Courses

Our pre-recorded online courses are open for enrolment all year long.

Confident Marital Sex

This is the complete step-by-step system to help you overcome a fear of sex and experience pain-free sexual intercourse, whether it's your first time or not!


The Pleasure Is Yours

This course teaches women how to prioritise joy, pleasure and intimacy in a God-conscious way and provides solutions to any 'obstacles' on this path to pleasure. 

Intimacy For Kids

This course equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to teach sex education to their kids, in a God-conscious way. 


Our coaches work with women clients from anywhere in the world.

Consultation / Q&A Calls

This call is for those who are not interested in the coaching packages and would prefer to speak directly to a coach to ask them questions relating to sex, sexuality and intimacy. 

Private Coaching Packages 

The coaching packages are suitable for women who are specifically struggling with vaginismus, painful sex and/or a fear of vaginal penetration

Our Coaches

All of our coaches have received high quality training in Amirah Zaky's methodology and continue to receive ongoing training and professional development.



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