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Amirah Zaky Wellness is dedicated to helping:

  • single and married women
  • single and married men
  • parents, educators and kids

What we offer:

  • Courses
  • Private coaching calls
  • Private consultations
  • Membership
  • Private support forum

Please look through this entire page to see the range of products and services we offer.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

Online Courses

All courses come with access to the private support forum where you can post your questions and share your struggles.

Confident Marital Sex

A woman's guide to sexual intercourse without fear or pain

This course teaches women how to overcome and prevent vaginismus (painful sex). This course will help you to overcome a fear of sex and experience pain-free sexual intercourse, whether it's your first time or not!

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Intimacy for Men

A guide to help God-conscious men have a more satisfying sexual experience

This course is dedicated to helping men overcome their specific sexual struggles in a God-conscious way. This course is for single and married men

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The Pleasure is Yours

A woman's journey to a more fulfilling intimate life

This course teaches married and non-married women how to prioritise joy, intimacy, and pleasure (sexual + non-sexual) in a God-conscious way and provides solutions to any obstacles.

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Intimacy for Kids

God-conscious sex education for the next generation

This course equips parents and adults with the knowledge and confidence to teach sex education to their kids, in a God-conscious way. Age-appropriate video lessons are provided for your kids to watch.

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Private coaching calls & consultations

Private coaching package


For women with vaginismus (painful sex) or sexual pleasure issues

  • 4 private online coaching sessions
  • Private messaging with Amirah
  • Payment instalment plan available (if required)
  • Access to the course: Confident Marital Sex
  • Access to the course: The Pleasure is Yours
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20min discovery call


  • Talk to Amirah about your situation to see if a coaching package is right for you
  • A call to ask questions about the products & services we offer
  • Please note: this is not a consultation so no advice will be given
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60min private consultation


  • Get targeted advice and recommendations from Amirah to help you with your specific situation
  • This call is for a maximum of 60 minutes.
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30min private consultation


  • Get targeted advice and recommendations from Amirah to help you with your specific situation
  • This call is for a maximum of 30 minutes
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Membership & Support Forum

Online membership: The Intimate Space


  • Access to the course: Confident Marital Sex
  • Access to the course: Intimacy for men
  • Access to the course: The Pleasure is Yours
  • Access to the course: Intimacy for Kids
  • Access to private support forum
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