The Intimate Space

The Intimate Space

 Empowering You on Your Sexual Wellness Journey

Who Is This Membership For?

Amirah Zaky Wellness promotes God-conscious faith-aligned sexuality with an emphasis on the value of chastity. The Intimate Space is an online community membership that was created for you. It provides you with a platform to: learn how to overcome your specific sexual struggles and a safe space to: ask your intimate questions. This membership is open to women & men, single or married, parent or non-parent.

Single & Married Women

    Learn how to:
  • have pain-free first time sex 
  • manage sexual desire
  • overcome vaginismus and painful sex
  • enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasm

Single & Married Men

Learn how to:

  1. manage sexual desire
  2. have a great sex life with your current or future wife
  3. overcome premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction 
  4. end a porn addiction

Married Couples

Learn how to:

  1. support each other during sexual struggles
  2. manage differences in sexual desire 
  3. navigate sexual intimacy through different phases of life
  4. strengthen your marital relationship


Learn how to:

  1. talk to your child about sexual topics 
  2. answer awkward questions about sex 
  3. provide a God-conscious sex education for your kids 
  4. protect your child from a hypersexualised society 


What's Included In The Membership?

All Online Courses 

You get access to all courses: Confident Marital Sex, The Pleasure Is Yours, Intimacy for Kids, Intimacy for Men and all future courses.

Live Group Q&A Calls


You get access to four calls with Amirah Zaky every month to suit different time zones. Recordings will be made available. 

Private Community Forum

This is the place to ask your questions at any time and receive answers from Amirah and her team of coaches.

Evolving course content 

You get access to all updates and improvements and you have the opportunity to request new course content.




What Courses Do You Get Access To?

This is the complete step-by-step system to help you overcome a fear of sex and experience pain-free sexual intercourse, whether it's your first time or not!

This course teaches you how to overcome and prevent vaginismus - a condition which causes painful vaginal insertion.


By following the steps in this program, you will learn how to experience comfortable, pain-free sex with your current or future husband - without fear and without pain.

Intimacy for Men

Intimacy for Men is a course dedicated to helping men overcome their sexual struggles and have a more satisfying sexual experience,  in a God-conscious way.


This course is available to all men, regardless of faith or marital status.

Intimacy for Kids

This course equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to teach sex education to their kids, in a God-conscious way. In addition to this, video lessons are provided for your kids to watch, covering a wide variety of sex education topics that they need to know about.

The 'Intimacy for kids' course includes video lessons aimed at parents and video lessons aimed at kids, according to the following age groups:

• Ages 0 to 6

• Ages 7 to 13

• Ages 14 to 20

You get access to all video lessons: for parents and ALL age groups listed above.

The Pleasure Is Yours

This course teaches women how to prioritise joy, pleasure and intimacy in a God-conscious way and provides solutions to any 'obstacles' on this path to pleasure. You will learn:

  1. why pleasure is a priority for your health and wellness
  2. how to understand your sexuality and desires
  3. how pleasure can help you to achieve your goals, in alignment with your divine purpose
  4. how to enjoy non-sexual pleasure and manage sexual desire without a partner
  5. how to enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasm within your marriage

This course is for all women, regardless of marital status, who want to live a more joyful, pleasurable life!


What Does The Membership Portal Look Like?


 Is It Easy To Access This Membership?

It's very easy to access this membership through any web browser on any device: computer, mobile and tablet.

You can also easily access the membership courses through the Kajabi app and you can access the community support forum through the Kajabi Communities app.


 Here's How Many People We've Helped Through Our Courses So Far


Confident Marital Sex


Pleasure Is Yours





I wouldn't have been able to overcome vaginismus if not for you! Being grateful Amirah!


Your course CMS made me have comfortable sex with my husband! U saved my marriage!


Assalamu Alaikum everyone,
Alhamdullillah, through the utmost grace of Almighty Allah, I have overcome my vaginismus and am now pregnant Masha Allah!


Amirah just want to say thank you soo much for this course! It's so validating knowing that you, and other women understand exactly how I'm feeling and what I am going through. I am so relieved 


Hey Amirah, Hope you're doing well. Wanted to share something with you. I am preganant. And it's all because of you changing my life for the good, many many thanks to you!!

The day you came into my life everything changed and my situation started improving. And here I am today with the most beautiful feeling and phase of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I joined your course in December. I feel much more confident to overcome vaginismus. Thank you for creating a course to help women like me, without it I felt lost. 


Written Testimonials

Audio & Video Testimonials


Who is Amirah Zaky?


Amirah is a Certified Sex Educator and Vaginismus Expert. Her company  Amirah Zaky Wellness is a platform providing online sex education courses to support people in overcoming their sexual struggles.


She is a former high school science teacher with a degree in Biomedical Science. She lives in the UK with her husband and two kids. 

How Can You Join The Intimate Space?

The Intimate Space is a community membership providing you with a safe place to learn and ask questions about topics related to: intimacy, sex education, sexuality, wellness, pleasure and body image


This is the place for you to get help and support with overcoming any issues, struggles and challenges that you have with regards to your sexual wellness.


This membership is open to anyone, regardless of marital status.

 Members get access to the following:

  • Confident Marital Sex (£297 value)
  • Intimacy for Men (£297 Value)
  • The Pleasure is Yours (£297 value)
  • Intimacy for Kids (£149 value)
  • Private Community Forum
  • Live Group Q&A calls hosted by Amirah Zaky
  • Access to any future courses created by Amirah Zaky Wellness

10% of proceeds will be donated to charities supporting Palestine


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