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The Intimate Space is a community membership providing you with a safe place to learn and ask questions about topics related to: intimacy, sex education, sexuality, wellness, pleasure and body image

This is the place for you to get help and support with overcoming any issues, struggles and challenges that you have with regards to your sexual wellness.

This membership is open to anyone, regardless of marital status.

Members get access to the following:

  • Confident Marital Sex (£297 value)
    • Online course: a woman's guide to sexual intercourse without fear or pain
    • Overcome and prevent vaginismus through this course
  • The Pleasure is Yours (£297 value)
    • Online course: a woman's journey to a fulfilling intimate life
    • Experience greater pleasure in your life, whether you're married or not
  • Intimacy for Kids (£149 value)
    • Online course: God-conscious sex education for the next generation
    • Videos for parents and videos for kids
  • Private Community Forum
    • A safe place to ask questions and enjoy discussions
    • Questions will be answered by Amirah Zaky and/or her trained coaches
  • Access to live members-only Q&A calls hosted by Amirah Zaky
  • Access to any future courses created by Amirah Zaky Wellness
  • Book Club
    • Book recommendations (related to sex education, wellness, intimacy etc) and a dedicated space inside the forum to discuss these books
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Online courses included in the membership

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Audio Testimonials from past members of Confident Marital Sex 


Written testimonials for Confident Marital Sex and The Pleasure is Yours

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Who is Amirah Zaky?

Amirah is a Sex Educator and founder of Amirah Zaky Wellness. Her company specialises in empowering women with knowledge about their female sexual anatomy so that they can enjoy pain-free penetrative sex and vaginal insertion. Amirah is passionate about helping women to overcome vaginismus and prevent painful sex. This is achieved through Amirah's signature online course Confident Marital Sex and by Amirah's team of vaginismus coaches. Amirah has also created other courses to help women enjoy greater sexual pleasure and a course to help parents and adults teach sex education to kids.

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Monthly Subscription

£49 GBP per month

Community Membership with Online Courses

Included in your membership subscription:

  • Confident Marital Sex  (£297 value)
  • The Pleasure is Yours  (£297 value)
  • Intimacy for Kids  (£149 value)
  • Ask your questions in the Private Community Forum
  • Access to any new future courses
  • Book Club
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